How To Patch Iron Burn Carpet?

Just like a good carpet defines your home, but also tolerates the harshest situation. That’s why regular carpet cleaning is crucial for every household. However, what can you do when your iron falls on the carpet, leaving an iron burn? A nasty burn mark or a torn part of your finest carpet degrades your whole decor. Therefore, here we have some home remedies as well as professional insights to repair iron burn carpet. So without further delay, let’s get into the checklist.

How To Patch Iron Burn Carpet?

Solutions for fixing iron burns on the carpet

Before you start fixing your carpet, you need to assess the right type of iron burn. Based on the time and duration of the iron fall, the carpet burn mark differs. Scorch marks due to iron fall are the least bothered thing, as the fibres barely get burnt. If the iron stays for a few seconds, then the burns are negligible. The synthetic fibres of the carpet get slightly burnt. But that is easily fixable with a regular scissor.

However, if the iron stays for a long time, it burns a significant part of the carpet. In that case, it requires some patching. So, now that you know what kind of burn you have to remove, let’s get back to the solutions.

Removing Scorch Marks

Based on the carpet materials, there are a lot of varieties of carpets. And if chosen wisely, you only need to remove some scorch marks from the carpet. The scorch marks are nothing but the discolouration of the fibres. For removing this kind of carpet burn mark, you need some cleaning solution with hydrogen peroxide, a sponge, and water.

  • Dip the sponge with some cleaning solution and start from the outside of the burnt areas. It will save you from spilling over the larger parts.
  • After giving a good rub on that area, blot the excess with a clean cloth.
  • Repeat the procedure, until it is clear.

Scorch marks are easy to remove. But even after cleaning for a while, if it stays, you need to follow up on the next method.

Removing Fiber Burns

To remove the least damaged carpet burn, all you need is a few sandpapers, a wide-toothed comb, a regular scissor, and a vacuum or dryer.

  • Take sandpaper to sand off the burnt fibres. This step will give you an idea about how much you need to trim the carpet.
  • Followed by sanding, vacuum the dust away.
  • After that, comb the area and trim the leftover burn marks with a scissor.
  • Then comb as you wish to blend the trimmed areas with the rest of the carpet.

However, after trimming, if the area does not match with the rest of the carpet, you need to proceed with carpet re-stretching.

Patching Burnt Section

If the previous two options did not work for you, then you need to go for patchwork. For that, you need a matching cloth or carpet to cover the burn, adhesive or double-sided tape, scissor, some weight, vacuum, and a wide-toothed comb.

  • Cut the burnt area carefully without trimming the underneath padding of the carpet.
  • Then cut the patch carefully according to the burnt area. Try to minimize the error by cutting it properly. It will help you to blend the patch with the original carpet properly.
  • Vacuum the excess cuttings away, and apply tape on the pad of the carpet. Put the fitting patch over the adhesive tape and cover it with some heavyweight or books for several hours.
  • After that, remove the weight and check if it is fitted properly or not. Then use a wide-toothed comb to blend with the rest of the carpet.

However, this is tough to find the right patch for carpets. That’s why it’s best if you consult professional carpet patching services.

Therefore, we, at Carpet Cleaning Battery Point, have all the necessary solutions for patching your iron burn carpet. So, the next time you drop your iron on your carpet, don’t panic and contact us right away.